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Where do you meet the kids? We usually meet them at the cafeteria or another designated point agreed upon with the school.


Should I advise the teacher that my child is attending your program? Yes, please do. While we provide a daily attendance list to the school, it's also helpful to let the teacher know that your child will be participating in our after-school program.


Where can I pick up my child? You can pick up your child at the school bus loop.


What kind of clothes should my child wear? Any comfortable clothes will do. For soccer, we suggest wearing shin guards and cleats. Please also consider the weather conditions.


What if it is raining? In case of rain, we take the kids to a safe area where we continue the training with fitness and IQ activities. We try our best not to cancel any sessions. If there are circumstances beyond our control, such as severe weather or school closures, we will schedule a maximum of 2 makeup practices at the end of the season.


My child attends an extended-day program at the school. Can my child still attend your program? Yes, absolutely. Just let us know about your child's extended-day program, you should also notify the extended-day program that your child will be with us, and after our session, we will take the kids to the extended-day program.


Do you provide uniforms? We do not provide uniforms. Kids can wear anything they feel comfortable in.

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